30+ years of partnership

Yesterday Jim invited us to lunch for a sort of farewell to the executive assistants who’s helped him somehow in his 30+ years with the firm.

When I started in 1982, he jut got promoted to manager along with 10 others and one lady, I was their first assistant. The experience was my first in a big corporate setting having worked in my uncle’s law practice before that.

We were a very tight bunch and I cried the first time one of my guys left for another assignment. I was advised that it was the fact of life in the firm. It is a revolving door. Others get relocated, many more leave for greener pastures or seek a less stressful career.

Jim and I stuck with each other not by accident. In many instances he’s fought for me and watched my back. In that case, he’s just not my boss, he’s a very loyal friend too. He’s a wonderful person to work with and I consider myself very lucky and what a blessing!

But now it is time to move on as he embarks on a new role with the firm in another city. A dream assignment for him before he finally retires. I for one is preparing myself for a couple more years and has also been assigned a new assignment, one which offers some challenges because of its novelty.

This lunch was a break from his whirlwind travels all over the world as part of his new role. J and D has been with the company many years ahead of me and so they all had wonderful stories from their past to talk about. It was never boring and so much fun. Remember, executive assistants stays in the back office so we get to hear a lot of the stories.

Not too many food pictures. We all basically ordered the same thing. Crab and lobster bisque to start, the sea bass special of the day, my friends had creme brulee but I always favor citrus for dessert so I had the key lime pie.

Sea bass

Sea bass

Key lime pie

Key lime pie

@ Catch 35
35 N. Wacker Dr.

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4 Responses to 30+ years of partnership

  1. viveka says:

    Babs, will visit Chicago again this year .. and I will put Catch 35 on my list – 30 years with the same company … fantastic. I was 35 with mine – and I nearly loved every day. *smile
    I hope that Jim will find joy in his next 35 years too … in what ever he decide to do.


  2. bebs1 says:

    Thanks Viveka. I have worked with several people in those years but Jim remains a constant. I have known his family who are all equally caring and wonderful. His retirement age is a year later than me supposedly, he just extended it so he could finish this coveted assignment.


  3. lolaWi says:

    you are truly blessed to have worked for(with) a wonderful person. and i can totally relate to this for i have the same experience with my former boss of 20 years. not only are they great people to work with but the relationship goes beyond the corporate setting. you become one of their extended families. more power to jim as he embarks on another assignment!


  4. bebs1 says:

    Hard work and consistency pays off, you know that. We’re lucky that we found people who looked beyond our accent and color of our skin. I can’t wait to get a chance to show him and his wife the beauty of the Philippines. He will be visiting the country in relation to his job that way he’s also assured that I really would be happy to go back.


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