Christmas day chill out

After meeting my holiday obligation of going to the Christmas mass, there is nothing I would want more than to chill out with my family or in this case with my closest relatives, visit with them and eat some more.

I haven’t visited my Aunt Fe & Uncle Rudy for months as things has been crazy with my moving around a lot and pressures at work. I made a point of seeing them this time.

It was a beautiful sight to get there to see my aunt and uncle busy cooking lunch in their pjs while my cousins were busy opening their presents. Everyone dressed the part to strictly chill, relax and enjoy the day.

This year George, Kath’s husband is the new addition to the family and they brought along his huge dog, Lawrence. Such a great looking dog and I wanted to pet him but I guess he didn’t like me. He barked at me and we thought it will pass but when I tried to take his photo he got very aggressive and snarled at me that George has to bring him out of the room. I guess the poor dog was just being temperamental – too many people, too many things going on around him, and with the addition of the tv – too much racket. No wonder he was moody. Maybe someday we can be friends.

Christmas vacation is a great time to catch up with our love ones. I hope you did too!

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2 Responses to Christmas day chill out

  1. Lovely, inviting photos! It must have been too much for George, however… 🙂 . Thank you for sharing your family with us!


  2. bebs1 says:

    Westseventhfreelance, I must say. Lawrence (the dog) is probably not used to too many people and all that excitement. Happy New Year!


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