The way I look at it, observing the people at the mall we went to yesterday, it is the women and younger generation who love this exercise. Most of the elder men sat at the comfy chairs as other shoppers parade to and fro in front of them without any sign of giving up that prime real estate they have stationed their butts in. When one gets available you’ve got to grab it real quick because at the blink of an eye it would be gone.

Am one of those people who hardly goes to a mall. There are only a couple of stores I’d go if I need to replenish my make up supply or that one special dress I have to buy for special occasion. Am cheap so I’d go to Home Goods for discounted clothes.

Three of us girls at work decided to go out yesterday as we are all on vacation. We often see each other at work but have never been out together so from a casual mention we finally made plans to have an all-day outing.

Rachel and I have never been to the newly-opened Fashion Outlets by O’Hare so we thought we’d explore it. We met at our satellite office and Yolanda drove us there to save on parking. We were early but the spaces filled up fast.

I went prepared with my knapsack as it frees my arms and easier on my back. Hassle free too when taking pictures.

Six hours of shopping is a marathon and by then we have walked the equivalent of 4 miles. Of course we took some breaks, pretzel snacks and later Godiva ice cream to tide us till dinner. There were some good bargains to be had but one really has to look hard. Yolanda got great discounts at the Coach store while I got what I’ve been saving for at Saks’ Off 5th.

Rachel and I were looking for office clothes but none of the stores save for Chico’s carry our size but their inventory are actually made for outlet distribution. Rachel and I are planning some drastic measures so next year we can get on the same clothes as Yolanda or we better find another mall that caters to voluptuous women or we’d be relegated to the hair accessories or fancy jewelries most of the time.

Well actually I found a special occasion hairpiece for close-cropped hair like mine but I’ll save that for next time as we agreed to make this outing our annual tradition – Friday after Christmas Day.

By the time we left the mall, we’ve gone over the place twice. Tired but happy, we were ready for a big dinner.

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4 Responses to Malling

  1. Very tiring. Why I opt more and more for online shopping. Saves the hassle of finding a parking space, too.


  2. bebs1 says:

    jingsandthings, you are right. But it is a good exercise and it is a nice reason to be out with your friends. And if you get lucky, get that one day special at Gucci. We were lucky to find a nice parking spot and we left all our coats in the car as the park and mall are covered.


  3. viveka says:

    Bebs, what a day … and I can see there was some bags that went home with you. I love the cream evening gown – even if it wouldn’t fit on half of me. I love outlets … and Lindt’s chocolate.


  4. bebs1 says:

    Am sure if we could fit in those gowns, we both would be great in them – I will take the red. We can dream! I bought some Lindt’s truffles for 50% off, great bargain. I think when you go to a mall you need to know the price of their goods because sometimes their regular stores could have cheaper sales and sometimes the quality of the clothes at the outlets are of inferior quality because they really manufacture them for that.


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