Crossing the border for steaks

Since I was not able to fly out of town for my vacation, I have time to visit relatives whom I hardly see during the year. Despite freezing rain and blistery wind, I drove to Gurnee for an hour to meet with Manang Zeny and Christy. The last time I saw them was Easter I believe.

My godson was in the house briefly, who’s so proud to tell me that he’s now working in a corporate setting as a manager. Christy’s two daughters are always so vivacious and full of energy. There’s the artist and big Bieber fan while the athlete is a chatterbox. Not a dull moment with them.

For lunch we drove to Texas Roadhouse in Kenosha, at the border of Wisconsin. Funny but it seems like everyone I know has a hungering for grilled steak as I have been having one every other day. And we were not the only ones because the restaurants we went to were filled with customers.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is very casual and they also offered other Western favorites. Servings were big and reasonable. It was the final Bears game too so the fans in our group got half or three-quarters of their attention glued to the tv. Too bad for the Bears.

Here we go again with Chicago sports teams, until next year!

I think my next dinner out we’ll go for sushi and sashimi for a change.

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5 Responses to Crossing the border for steaks

  1. Best wishes for 2014.


  2. bebs1 says:

    Same to you jingsandthings. Happy New Year!


  3. viveka says:

    Bebs, I thought Chicago is famous for their steakhouses … but a good excuse to leave the state maybe *smile Not a beef person, maybe mostly 2 per year … but I love lamb! But not every easy to find on steakhouses. You had a great time .. a great meal .. and your left well filled up too.


  4. bebs1 says:

    There are great steakhouses in the city but my cousin leaves at the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. That’s the closest they could get to. I love lamb too, esp. grilled lamb chops.


  5. viveka says:

    Okay, now I understand better …. Yes, lamb in any shape or form. Not anything we eat a lot of here in Sweden but it has become more popular through the years. We even have sheep farmers now.


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