A Word A Week: Yellow

Sue’s photo challenge for this week is the word “Yellow”. I wanted to use this entry also for my 365 Project: Day 9.

I didn’t want to use old photos from my album because then I would be cheating myself and that goes against my 365 Project rule of shooting once a day. Yellow is not a predominant color in Winter.

I had some tests done at my doctor’s clinic this morning and while waiting I noticed the children’s table. It looks very inviting, if only I could fit myself in them.


Isn’t that set very inviting? Am sure the color yellow was chosen because it is such a happy and lively color. It spells sunshine even in a frigid day in Chicago like today.

But yellow has conflicting meanings. It could also imply danger. Notice how the color is used at the Union Station where I take my train every night.

The yellow line

The yellow line

The yellow line above looks so benign. But when there is a train, especially a running train, pedestrians are warned not to step on that line. And by all means, you stay away from it because you don’t want to be caught by a speeding train or be dangerously close to it.

Waiting to board the train

Waiting to board the train

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5 Responses to A Word A Week: Yellow

  1. Great pics! Yellow is one of my favorites colors. Reminds me of sunshine and Summer fun. Happy New and best of blessings to you & your family.


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  3. bebs1 says:

    I like yellow also simply because it is a very happy color as you said. I painted one wall of my family room at my former house banana yellow. I just wanted to wake up to it every morning.


  4. bebs1 says:

    Thanks Fido.


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