Word a Week Photo Challenge: Waiting

IMG_0054We’re doing a lot of waiting nowadays when it comes to our train schedule. I knew there were some trouble last night after I got off my train and so many trains were passing by one after the other. And of course they got their horns in full blast. It turned out they were having switching problems.

This morning there was the switching problems again. It wasn’t as warm as the previous days and I was wondering why everybody was sitting outside. I thought our train was close by, it turned out the train clerk that sells ticket was out and he must be in charge of the key also so we were all locked out.

And to make things worse, the balmy weather is gone. There was a windchill this morning so it wasn’t fun. Everytime the PA announced the coming of another train “but will not stop at your station”, the waiting passengers would recall how inefficient they have become lately. They were saying it could only mean another fare increase so they could make our trains work. It is difficult to get amused when you are left outside.

This is my entry for Word A Week Challenge: Waiting.

365 Project: Day 15

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4 Responses to Word a Week Photo Challenge: Waiting

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  2. Amy says:

    And waiting in the cold weather is challenging…


  3. bebs1 says:

    And not fun at all when the weather is blustery and the train is delayed.


  4. viveka says:

    Great photo … we have got some snow today – but I don’t think it will stay .. but no chill as such yet. I can fell the Chicago chill through my screen here. *smile – Have a pleasant weekend now.


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