No pain, no gain

365 Project, day 18.

It has been a very busy day today. Left the house early for my 10:00 am appointment with the aesthetician. That was not a term in my dictionary a year ago. So does skin peeling, facial and anything beyond my nightly routine of washing my face and applying my drugstore bought Oil of Olay.

But if you are old as me, age starts to creep in. Not just pain in your joints, or creaking bones, or slowness in your gait and you can’t run anymore but it also shows in your skin. Not just sagging skin in your jawline but you get skin tags. I thought all the while they were moles until someone told me what they were called. For me it was an acceptable process of aging because my paternal grandmother had big ones on her face. She never complained about them, it didn’t bother her. But she’s always been beautiful and even in old age, she was.

Then one day my cousin’s wife said I should have them removed. So I went along and visited her aesthetician where many of my cousins went. She didn’t use topical anesthesia but they told me it was bearable. Boy, did it hurt. Everytime she zinged the mole on my face, I was in tears. It was painful, all I could do was catch my breath, inhale deeply, and after wiping away my tears she would start again. Sometimes she’d do two at a time and quick and I would make a tight fist to bear the pain.

I was supposed to go back to finish what she started but I bid my time. I needed to prepare myself mentally although I know it would not kill me but I couldn’t believe I would suffer to be vain about myself.

Then one of my friends said I should try another one, this time she uses a different method and applies localized anesthesia. Her clinic was much fancier, in the groundfloor of a hotel in the mall. She sounded very knowledgeable and explained to me the procedure before she started. She was very re-assuring.

The pain this time wasn’t as bad as the first time but there’s still some sting, like a prick of the needle. And there were no scabs although of course the first two days, just like the first time, it sure looked like I’ve been bitten by a thousand mosquitoes. Good thing it is Winter that I could cover my neck with the collar of my sweater or top but except for one who asked what happened to my face, the rest didn’t mention anything different.

I’ve seen so many women my age with beautiful skin, no age spots, no freckles, flawless! I looked at them with envy. But I didn’t know the price one has to go through to get them or maintain them. I’ve never thought myself beautiful even when I was young, I believe I am pretty normal looking so I am grateful for my God-given looks. I don’t spend a lot of money on beauty creams and I wear the minimum of make-up to work. I don’t even retouch my morning make up, it lasts me all day. Am pretty satisfied with my looks, I could not complain. Until someone points out to you that you need to do something with your skin tags.

Sometimes the treatment hurts, especially when they are working by the eye area because the skin there is very sensitive. How wrong I was in my presumption when I look at women’s photos in a spa, covered with mud-like stuff on their faces. Why is it that they look blissful and happy while their face is being massaged. Well I could tell you now, that is not the whole story, it is really not painless but the end result is all worth it.

It does add to one’s self-esteem and enhances your skin, not to say it slows down the aging of your face. Unless you are very lucky indeed to have been blessed with beautiful skin, many of us need some help to enhance our natural gifts.

Never say never!

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2 Responses to No pain, no gain

  1. Think I’ll just stick to soap and water.


  2. bebs1 says:

    I’d like to do that too. Basically that’s my regimen but now one comes after the other, I can’t wait for the treatments to be over. But to give you a sample of what it can do the lady being given a facial is 73 years old and she believes in pampering herself without being under the knife.


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