Love in a box

365 Project: Day 28

The reason I went to see my sister over the weekend was to pick up stuff she’s adding to the boxes we’re sending to our family in the Philippines.

There were boxes of chocolates, bottles of coffee and creamers, candies and cookies, liquid bath soaps, lotions, used books, new and not so old clothes, Nutella which they love, a waffle maker so there was a big bag of pancake mix, flours and more. Whatever we could buy on sale and cheap but they have gotten picky. Coffee has to be Folgers or Nescafe, no light popcorn (they said it has no taste), no cold powder drinks because they are in the mountains and they prefer chocolate drinks.

We, of course, indulge them. We wish we could give them everything we enjoy here. Good thing the shippers has not put any limit to the weight of the box so we fill them up with can goods. There are times when I wonder if the box would burst because of its weight. One time, the strings we used to secure the boxes left a mark on our linoleum floor in the basement of our old house. But in the end, the shipper’s crew manage to take them out of our homes to their vans.

Now that the airlines has limited the weight of our luggages, we have resorted to freight shipping more. Am grateful that they are cheaper than sending a small box by air. It might take 45-60 days before it reaches our loved ones but no one complains. After all they got a taste of something Stateside and use of an original signature bag or outfit.

We work hard here and maybe we complain about it but it is our joy to share what we have with the ones we left behind. Of course when we make the trip home, we send more boxes a couple of months before our flight.

Then it’s their turn to spoil and pamper us of stuff we miss from home. We get served like royalty. Imagine that! It is a beautiful exchange of affection.

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6 Responses to Love in a box

  1. Aamera says:

    Heartfelt post. Just lovely.


  2. Amy says:

    A heartwarming “love in a boxe” post!


  3. bebs1 says:

    Thank you Aamera.


  4. bebs1 says:

    Thanks Amy, nothing is ever enough but for now it suffices.


  5. That’s the way families should treat one another. Helping as we can when we can. My grandmother used to have a saying — It’s no loss what a friend gets. That applies even more to close family.


  6. bebs1 says:

    I like your grandmother’s saying – “It’s no loss what a friend gets.” They say it will always be returned a thousandfold.


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