365 Project: Day 41

DSC_0002Can’t believe I have gone this long. 41 Days! 11 more months to go.

Here’s my breakfast this morning. I usually just have a roll or a slice or two of toasts in the morning plus my big mug of coffee.

Yesterday after the Auto Show, my friends and I went to a dimsum place. I was hoping we would try a new place, one I found in YELP with high ratings. But when we got there, parking was so difficult to find: too many people and cars competing for smaller space since some of the lots were filled with mountains of snow instead of cars. Then my friends got scared because the place I found – Dimsum House, is situated a bit out of the way of Chinatown and is in a house turned to a restaurant. I won’t hesitate entering such restaurant, it looks like a family-owned small resto but they said it looked like no one was eating there. It was really hard to tell because of the dark drapes but the street was filled with parked cars. I guess I will explore it on my own next time.

So we settled at a place more familiar – Furama Seafood Restaurant. It is a new branch of the one we frequent at the Northside Chinatown or Argyle.

They have a grocery store on the groundfloor, the restaurant is on the second floor. I think the Vietnamese stores in Argyle has better selections so I came out empty-handed. Unusual for me. Actually I was disappointed.

I normally end my meal with something sweet. After our big dimsum lunch, I decided to explore a neighborhood Mexican bakery. It turned out to be a great move, I was in for a surprise.

I think I will be back to that same bakery many more times.

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7 Responses to 365 Project: Day 41

  1. Minus the awesome cars, I too spent my weekend with coffee and Brunch from a dim sum place. Great thing they opened at 10 a.m. cause we were all hungry. It was our advance Valentine family treat. Have a great week.


  2. Amy says:

    Yes, awesome car! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos! I Love dimsum, it looks so delicious 🙂


  3. bebs1 says:

    Dimsum is ideal for brunch. You can easily moderate how much you can eat because of the small orders. Besides dim sum was originally meant to be eaten in the morning. Thanks Island Traveler! Happy Valentines to you and the whole family!


  4. bebs1 says:

    Thanks Amy. I know those cars are eyes candy. So beautiful – truly luxurious. Good thing I am not looking for one. Dimsum are great and affordable, truly a great value.


  5. viveka says:

    Cars …. very interesting toys *smile … you have captured some hot ones here. I’m a little envy over your lunch…. I only eat mostly only yoghurt.


  6. bebs1 says:

    I love Chinese dumplings and they are cheap too. I love Greek yogurt.


  7. viveka says:

    Long time since I had dumplings … but I eat a lot of Greek yoghurt. The thicker the better. *smile


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