365 Project: Day 43

Mexican sweets

Mexican sweets

It is so rewarding when you try something new and you get a surprise that works in your favor.

After our outing last Sunday, my dimsum lunch was missing a beautiful ending – a dessert. I thought a cup of coffee with something sweet would be nice, like churros.

I always get churros wherever I could find them so that’s why I stopped at the neighborhood bakery – La Central Bakery. They didn’t make churros but they had so much bread to choose from.

My first taste of Mexican bread was when my friend Maria brought me some conchas. And I also like their Mexican wedding cookie, which tastes like my favorite Russian tea cakes.

It was almost 4:00 pm when my friend and I got there and immediately the place got crowded. Many of their customers that came in were men carrying trays and tongs to pick their favorites from the various shelves filled with baking pans straight from the oven.

Yesterday after work, I went back there. It was past 6:00 pm and this time there were more women but there were still men who came. Each time, they filled their trays and left with bags of sweets.

It is hard to find a bakery that is open that late. No wonder, they are doing brisk business. Their breads and other sweets are light, not too sweet and cheap to boot even though they are not as refined looking as the ones you’d find at high end bakeries. Their sizes are big, dainty is not a term you could use here. But I could hardly complain because their baked goods are really good.

I liked the ones I picked the other day and yesterday I went to get some more with the addition of a couple more I haven’t tried before. I was not disappointed. I would pick them again next time.

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