365 Project: Day 63 – Birthdays

Beside my Filipino friends at work, I have three friends I go out to lunch with during our birthdays and we’ve been doing it for about 20+ years. It has become a tradition. Denise’s birthday falls in December and mine is January but it is only today that we got around to celebrating them.

I have almost forgotten about it but last December was a milestone for Denise. You know when you pass another decade which I won’t mention here,that is a blessing and significant.

Our small celebration was fun and gave us an opportunity to catch up on each other.

We all have been in our company for a very long time. Between the four of us, you could be looking at about 120+ years of service. Yes, some of them started fresh out of high school.

We celebrated at our favorite restaurant in our building (there’s only one), Prime Bar.

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4 Responses to 365 Project: Day 63 – Birthdays

  1. Amy says:

    …for 20+ years! Wonderful friendship, lots to celebrate!


  2. bebs1 says:

    Yes, lots to celebrate and a few miseries in between shared.


  3. viveka says:

    A restaurant for me .. too, I think. Have to look it up. *smile 20 years … that is a celebration in itself. A tradition to take good care off. *smile


  4. viveka says:

    Now I know where you work … on Wacker Drive. Not far away from our hotel. Great.
    Bebs, last year you had a photo of a coffee house .. or tea house inside the Loop, a small beautiful house. What was the name ??? Can you remember ???


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