Travel Theme: Ancient

One of the definitions of Ancient is something that belongs to a distant past and no longer in existence. To illustrate this, I have decided to take a photo of a pay phone. It seems not too long ago when they were very necessary and one can always find them at airports, hospitals and other public places. I have always relied on them at airports to connect with the people who were supposed to meet me, where they were and where I could see them.

But nowadays, public phones are hard to come by or you’re lucky if you could find one. I don’t even think this one still works nor is being maintained.


Now that we live in the electronic and digital age that keeps changing it is so hard to keep up to its pace, the pay phone has become obsolete. Everyone now carries a mobile phone and communicating anywhere in the world is so affordable and convenient, that we are more connected with the outside world more than ever, or are we really?

This is my response to Ailsa’s challenge for the week – Ancient, also to Cee’s Sepia Challenge. The image was taken yesterday with my iPhone and I didn’t like that the background is too busy so I thought converting it to sepia would be better. Not quite sure if I achieved that.

365 Project: Day 65

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2 Responses to Travel Theme: Ancient

  1. Amy says:

    It look ancient with sepia. Well done!


  2. viveka says:

    Great entry and i love the photo – in UK they have got modern models .. all the red ones are gone, but there is still public phones – I can’t remember when I saw one in Sweden, but they are a blessing .. when phone is needed and smartphone doesn’t work. I think we need them and i hope they stay. In Simrishamn were mom lived they have one at the station.


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