365 Project: Day 67 – Finally Spring is coming

at the car wash

at the car wash

My busy weekend started real early. I brought my car for an oil change and later to the car wash. The weather is above freezing so I thought it safe to have it cleaned to wash away the whole season worth of salt spray. Besides, it really needs a bath and some pampering in and out. It smelled of fresh lemon by the time we got out of there. What a joy to drive while it is clean and fragrant.

From there I went straight to my aunt and uncle’s house for brunch. Actually I had a croissant and coffee before I left home but my tummy normally looks for food by past ten. They had some leftover corned beef hash, eggs and ham and ate them with rice. That turned out to be my lunch.

My cousin’s wife has a green thumb and that lady can breath life to a twig. Above are her African violets. Hers are so lush and green with multiple new sprouts all over. She said I should have seen them when the whole pot was filled with flowers. Aren’t those blooms harbinger of the season to come?

With the Oscar awards just over, we know there are a lot of good movies to see in the theaters. My aunt and I decided to see 12 Years a Slave. I love historical fictions and this was based on a true story of a born freeman kidnapped to be sold as a slave during a dark time in the history of our country. It won the Best Film, Best Adapted Screenplay, including Supporting Actress Awards and I must say it deserves it all and more. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Solomon Northup truly gave a powerful performance and held the movie together.

Now I want to get a copy of Solomon Northup’s book.

Tomorrow we fast forward the time in Chicago. Am not bringing my winter coats and sweaters to the dry cleaners just yet but I know Spring is just around the corner. I just hope there will be no more snow!

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4 Responses to 365 Project: Day 67 – Finally Spring is coming

  1. Amy says:

    clean and fragrant sounds so wonderful, my car needs a bath for sure…


  2. viveka says:

    Glad that some Springtime has arrived in Chicago … you had it tough this winter, so the summer will be fantastic .. I just know it. Especially beginning of September. *smile – haven’t seen the movie yet … but I have it on my media box. Everybody say it’s a great movie.


  3. lolaWi says:

    there’s never without a bloom in that house. thanks to myra!


  4. bebs1 says:

    I know, I wish I got her green thumb.


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