365 Project: Day 79


We definitely will be seeing more broken umbrellas in the days to come. Although we have been getting more rain than snow, the first day of Spring on Thursday was a no-show. After a teaser of a Wednesday, Thursday was actually chilly.

But who are we kidding when we say Spring is finally here. Maybe in some other parts of the country but not in Chicago. There are still mounds of frozen ice in some parking lots and you could tell they have been there for awhile for they are now black from months of dirt.

And except for a few, we are all still wearing our black Winter coats. No one has taken out from storage their Spring apparels as yet.

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One Response to 365 Project: Day 79

  1. viveka says:

    Great shot!!!! I hate umbrellas … and I really hate people that use umbrellas, because they don’t have a clue where they are going and don’t show any consideration for other people – poke your eyes out. In Belfast this was a very common site … a turned abandoned umbrella on a windy day.
    I have invested in a good rain resistant jacket with hood for rainy days, haven’t used umbrella for many years now. Of course rain can come unexpected, but I live through that too.


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