Frizztext’s AtoZ Challenge: L for Lent

In the Catholic religion the color purple is used during the seasons of preparation, that is the weeks leading to Advent and Easter. The underlying reason for the use of purple during these seasons is because when Jesus was condemned to die on the cross, the soldiers dressed him in a purple robe and mocked him yelling, “Hail the King of the Jews.” Thus it is apt to use the color during his birth and death.

Not only is the church adorned in purple during Lent, the priest’s garb is also in this color.

365 Project: Day 89

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8 Responses to Frizztext’s AtoZ Challenge: L for Lent

  1. fathersunny says:

    Love it… I love all the symbolisms that make our Church so rich and poetic.


  2. bebs1 says:

    The meaning of Lent depends on the individual but I still miss how we observe it in the provinces. It is really something to look forward to – the reading of the passions of Christ, the processions, the vigil and the culmination of Lent with the Sabado Gloria.


  3. kyangel17 says:

    The colors of the church can become very entertaining when the priest is color blind, like my brother. If there is no one there to pick out the correct color for him he could show up in pink and not know the difference. Thank God he is chaplain at a convent, as well as parish priest and professor at the local university. The dear sisters of my Alma Mater make sure he is always properly dressed in the correct colors now that he is there. The parish church is across the road from the convent, and he has vestments our mom made for him when he was ordained, so he takes them with him.


  4. lolaWi says:

    B, where is this church?


  5. bebs1 says:

    @ kyangel17: That is very interesting. I’ve heard color blindness if fairly common to men but I haven’t met one that has that affliction. Thank goodness for the sisters, they make sure that he wears the right colors all the time.


  6. bebs1 says:

    LolaWi, that is the Ascension Church in Oak Park.


  7. frizztext says:

    and I sang a spiritual, once heard in a Sunday gospel service:


  8. bebs1 says:

    Thank you frizztext. You are multi-talented!


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