Freddy’s, the neighborhood Italian

Our small city is filled with all sorts of Mom and Pop stores and restaurants but nothing particularly exciting to brag about. If there are, I haven’t heard about them yet. In this Latino neighborhood, my favorite Mexican is far away. Nuevo Leon is in the city proper of Chicago. This area used to be an enclave for European immigrants but the neighborhood has greatly changed. They have become the minority.

It is a very peaceful here, don’t get me wrong, but once in a while you want some fine dining or variety without going to the next suburbs.

For Italian, for now Freddy’s come in handy. It is definitely a hole in the wall, a grocery store that sells authentic Italian specialties. I read their pizza is in a short list of the top ten best in Chicago. I haven’t tried it yet nor any of their mouthwatering entrees but one of these days, when the weather is warmer.

The Chicago Magazine voted their gelato as the “best in all of Chicago.” We have known that for years. Their Italian ice is equally as good – the watermelon and cantaloupe just oozes with natural flavors. My friend swears about the refreshing flavor of the lemon but I am not too keen on sour fruits. Yesterday when I took a couple of hours off, we stopped by Freddy’s to sate our taste for some flavored ice and gelato. It was in the 60s and it was just perfect. Who cares that it wasn’t warm enough, maybe if we think it, it will come as they say. LOL

Viv had her Limoncello combined with Cheesecake gelato while I had the latter with Barrista. You guessed it, Barrista was coffee flavored. It was like having my afternoon coffee with a cheesecake in a spoon.

Street parking and cash only.

Freddy’s Pizza
1600 South 61st Ave.
708 863 9289

365 Project: Day 90

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