365 Day Project: Day 98

We are getting ready to go to Indiana and meet some friends there so I will leave a brief entry to keep up with my daily post project.

@ the Berwyn train depot

@ the Berwyn train depot

This is a shot of the book shelf at my train station. People leave their unwanted books and magazines there instead of throwing them away and take back some precious space in their homes.

The selection is varied, many on romance, detective and just of general interest. This really makes me miss my Kindle which I will replace somehow. I haven’t read a book since I lost it. If my tote is not so heavy already, I would pick up a book here.

What I like to take though are some of the magazines. One time some somebody left old issues of Saveur and I took most of them. Not at one time, for a couple of days. They were gone so fast.

Someone’s garbage could be someone’s treasure.

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2 Responses to 365 Day Project: Day 98

  1. viveka says:

    This is such a brilliant idea .. I wish we could have something like this, they have on hospitals. In Frankfurt they have funny cabinets on the street where people can put and take books.
    Just fantastic. Nice images too.


  2. bebs1 says:

    The idea of sharing those books is great. I hardly re-read any books so instead of keeping them I prefer to share them too. Not everybody has a kindle and many still prefers to hold a book. I love that they are doing this.


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