Travel Theme Challenge: Clean

365 Day Project: Day 99

Am going to take advantage of Ailsa’s challenge of Where’s My Backpack for the week, Clean. To see more, click here.

The other day in Milwaukee, we also went to a brewery tour. I have always wanted to see one but I didn’t see anything in the internet before we left. On our way to Milwaukee we stopped by the Rest Area at the border and we were directed to this small family owned brewery called Lakefront Brewers.

For $7 you get the tour, four 4-ounce sample of their brews and later you get to exchange the plastic cups they give you to real beer glasses. Not a bad deal we thought.

Do you know that the number 1 secret to making a successful beer is a clean environment. After each brew, every single equipment for the yeast to grow must be thoroughly cleaned or the product will taste horrible.

Since I am the driver, I refused to drink although I could normally only manage to drink one bottle. But according to Sergio the beer was very good. He ordered the same variety each time because he said you could get drank and have a hung over if you drink different kinds.

Here are the photos for that tour. To know more about Lakefront Brewers, read here. It is very interesting reading.

I read in Yahoo News a list of beers you should not drink because of unsafe ingredients they use. Lakefront Beers is one of the safest to drink. For a small family operation, employing 35 employees they are getting to be Milwaukee’s pride in addition to all the big brand breweries in the city. Look them up in your grocery store.

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3 Responses to Travel Theme Challenge: Clean

  1. viveka says:

    Great gallery again ….. beer, not my thing at all … but I can image it was an adventures and interesting day. I have been visiting Guinness in Dublin.


  2. bebs1 says:

    All I could manage is one bottle Viveka but I should have tried the brew to see the difference with a pasteurized beer and a newly brewed one. Next time, when I am not driving.


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