A HOG’s pilgrimage

At the mention of Harley motorbikes, I knew right away that it calls for a drive to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the Harley-Davidson Museum is located.

I am not a bike fan, in fact I dread driving in the highway with bikers around and when the weather is great, there’s a whole bunch of them. I get nervous that I might get into an accident with them around.

Sergio is a Harley owner and he was surprised when he found out that we could drive there. There’s no better experience than bringing a big HOG to where they came from.

He said he developed his love for motorbikes when his father bought him one at the age of 17. Now that is like a kid with an American Girl doll visiting the store on Michigan Avenue.

I know there are other great European bikes but Harley-Davidson is America’s pride. It is a grown up person’s toy next to his car and the bike could cost a hefty price. I probably wouldn’t mind riding in one as long as they have that dedicated seat at the back. I am all for comfort you know.

The museum covers the whole history of the company, from the first bike, Serial #1 to the latest. They have all the styles for every personality.

Here is a slideshow of the trip.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even if you are not a big fan, they have some interactive activities at the museum. In fact, you can even design your dream bike and purchase a sticker of your creation at the store. Oh am sure you can even order the real thing if your heart so desires, customized to your whims.

They also have a guided tour of the plant for a separate fee. The plant is outside of Milwaukee and there’s a shuttle that drives you there.

After the tour, you can browse at the store to get some souvenirs of anything and everything about Harley. Toys, ladies bags, apparel, books, magazines, stickers, pins, posters, etc.

After getting his souvenirs we walked next door where they have a cafe or if you want something heavier, to the restaurant.

Next time you visit Chicago, spend a day or two in Milwaukee. You can take the train going there if you don’t want to drive. The city has a lot to offer especially during the summer.

Reserve 4 hours at the museum, shop and restaurant.

365 Project: Day 103

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4 Responses to A HOG’s pilgrimage

  1. Amy says:

    Train is so convenient 🙂 Wonderful post!


  2. bebs1 says:

    It is if you don’t mind your time being restricted by the schedule but it is hassle-free. Just take a cab to your destination.


  3. viveka says:

    Great gallery …. some cool bikes too. *smile


  4. bebs1 says:

    I think you are one person who would have enjoyed riding in these bikes. Am I right?


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