365 Project: Day 108 – Lenten fish

Ceres' fish sandwich

Ceres’ fish sandwich

My friend and cube-mate and I decided to take a walk at our old neighborhood – The Willis Tower or for us old timers, the Sears Tower. That was our offices old address.

Since they have cut short our lunch break to 30 minutes we now literally eat our lunch at our desk. Other than getting a quick bite, there is not much you can do in half an hour. But Good Friday was very quiet, almost all the bosses were out. I for one, I work virtual because all my bosses are assigned at out of town clients. So I was free to get some fresh air.

At Lent, it used to be a tradition between my friend and I to have fish fillet sandwich or dinner at the Ceres Restaurant at the groundfloor of the Chicago Board of Trade every Friday. We frequent it too throughout the year when they offer it on Thursdays. Ceres piles up freshly fried perch, too much that we don’t even bother with the bread and it is a waste to order the dinner because you can’t even have room for the fries.

It has gotten very popular that now they serve it several days a week. Otherwise, when we were feeling cheap, we’d settle with the fish fillet at McDonalds which used to have it on special at a buck each and we’d order two pieces for each of us. Now the McDonalds fish sandwich is 2 pieces for 5 bucks.

The fish sandwich at Ceres is still very good like before. I think they serve the best fish sandwich in the city. I always order fish and chips whenever it is in a restaurant’s menu even in my travels and always Ceres comes out the best.

We haven’t been there since 2009. We simply couldn’t fit it in our short lunch break. It is now a long hike from our present office and the walk alone to and from would easily consume our half hour break.

Now she said we are going to make it a tradition every Good Friday.

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One Response to 365 Project: Day 108 – Lenten fish

  1. viveka says:

    This looks so good, so I have to go to Ceres now for lunch ..!!! Thanks for the tip!!!!! I still call it Sears Tower too.


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