Wet week


Am a little worried because the weather has not changed much from Winter except for the absence of snow. On the radio this morning, the weather forecaster said the temperature today is normally what we would have for the first day of March, not the first day of May!

It’s been raining all week since Monday. It would have been an ideal time to plant as the ground is wet if the temperature is milder.

At this time, my former garden would have been busy with early Spring plants blooming. I look at Benny’s garden and except for a clump of daffodils, the other plants are slowly waking up from their Winter slumber. I say “Benny’s garden” because he was the one who toiled hard to turn their backyard into a garden. Benny was my friend’s late husband. And now, am trying to turn his flower garden into a mix with vegetables.

Benny would have already planted seeds a month ago. I haven’t even received yet the ones I ordered last week. Might as well as the weather has been cold. This side of the world or Zone 5, the ideal time for planting is after Mother’s Day which will be on May 11th. Am late but if the weather remains this cold, then am in luck but that means we’ll have a short plant season.

The Asian vegetables I want to plant thrives on hot and humid temperature. From seed to the vegetables’ peak period, I probably would have only four months left.

I am glad that I have bought 4 Hungarian pepper seedlings which I planted this morning. At least I have something growing and checking twice each day.

For now they are my babies!

365 Project: Day 120

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5 Responses to Wet week

  1. Amy says:

    Hope you don’t get too much rain… we have not had rain for weeks.


  2. bebs1 says:

    Nothing torrential but it is gray all day. Tomorrow is going to be sunny and warmer. Am happy about that. Not having any rain for a long time is bad too. I hope you get it soon Amy.


  3. lolaWi says:

    With the crazy weather we’re having, I don’t know if I will be planting at all.


  4. bebs1 says:

    Actually it is a good time to plant in this kind of weather. It is just difficult for seeds. Am even afraid to take the covers out of my seeds, the birds might feast on them.


  5. Because of our mild winter everything is early here, despite the cold wind which makes doing anything outside a trial. Longing for some sun and a seat outside with a book.


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