AtoZ Challenge: Tagged R – Rain

Nature helped me with my photo challenge today. It rained and turned to drizzle this morning, by the time I got downtown, torrential downpour greeted us who exited from the Union Station. This is my reply to Frizztext’s Challenge to R. To join and see more, go here.


Many of us took shelter in buildings because there was no way you won’t get drenched. Many umbrellas broke too. Nature ruled!

There was not a dry person this morning, well except the ones who drove to the office. I myself was soaked even though I had my boots on and a light windbreaker. The wind made sure of it. I borrowed my friend’s electric fan to dry myself, so I am not sitting on wet clothes.

Before I left home my one cat who is most afraid of lightning and thunder just circled around my long skirt, just like a little kid. She was trying to hide and she hardly ate.

Good thing the seeds I am coaching to grow were covered in plastic but it got water logged too. I made sure I drained it before I left for work.

Everyone was praying for the rain to come but as usual we don’t want it to inconvenience us too. Shame on us, right?

When it was time to go home, the weather has cooled off considerably with a very low humidity. Just perfect!

365 Project: Day 127

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2 Responses to AtoZ Challenge: Tagged R – Rain

  1. Vivien says:

    That was a bummer, I got drenched from head to toe, soaking wet pants, hair, and broken umbrella. Good, later in the day, the weather got so much nicer..


  2. bebs1 says:

    Everybody got wet, good thing you had an umbrella. I saw a couple of people who didn’t listen to the news.


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