Welcome Dominic

Can’t believe it is already over a week when I attended a nephew’s christening. I have several relatives here in the Chicago area but we get to see each other only once or twice a year, when there are special occasions. So I always make it a point to attend just to stay in touch with them.

Just like last Sunday. In attendance were relatives from New York and also we met some new relations who came to Chicago to visit a couple of her children but she’s now residing in Rome. I really treasure those moments. Spending time with them is precious and gives me sheer joy. Life is short anyway, might as well enjoy it while you can.

It was a well-attended event. Wishing you all the best Dominic. Welcome to this world!

Here are snippets of images from the party.

365 Project: Day 132

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4 Responses to Welcome Dominic

  1. Amy says:

    It’s wonderful to enjoy life with friends and relatives 🙂


  2. lolaWi says:

    A wonderful reunion with relatives from here and abroad. Congratulations Dominic!g


  3. bebs1 says:

    It was really a surprise. We didn’t expect them to be there. My one aunt, we haven’t seen her for 20 years then my grand-uncle (her dad) just came back from the Phils. The one from Rome, Manang Milagring, I couldn’t even remember her although she said she frequented our house in Santa. I remember her name though.


  4. bebs1 says:

    They are the spice of life.


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