Garage sale


Another sign of warmer weather is the abundance of garage sales. It seems like some people just wait for this opportunity of this event to get rid of stuff they no longer like but they have forgotten that some of them are literally trash.

I have never been a fan of garage sales. I once told my mom not to bring home garbage but when she did she stashed them in the basement, out of my prying eyes, until she could ship them to the Philippines.

Sometimes she got lucky and could find good ones like a set of plates she loved which we used regularly or a comforter here and there.

When we moved to our second home, we needed a dining room set. My first house was so small we only had a dinette which came from my apartment days. So my aunt and I went to Sandwich Antique Fair to see if I can find something.

To mother’s dismay, I snagged a vintage dining set which came from Indiana. They said it was bought by a couple but a few months ago the wife died and so the husband needed to get rid of them. It was hardly used they said. But I loved it for its simple clean lines bordering on contemporary which was a better fit to the design of our house.

Mother was embarrassed that we would have a second-hand set instead of a new one. She reminded me what I have told her for years that I would not want hand-me-downs from strangers. She worried what people would say, that we couldn’t afford to buy a new one. I told her if my friends look at it that way then they were not real friends and I stood my ground.

I bought her a new one though for our breakfast room which is for keeps as I intend to take it home with me to the Philippines. I felt bad that I had to give away the vintage set as I had no more room to store them – table, chairs, buffet and cabinet.

The garage sale was in Hinsdale. A very affluent neighborhood, across the street is Burr Ridge which is even wealthier. We saw the sign on our way to my aunt’s house and we thought it might be different. Thinking rich people have better discards. It was a big disappointment. It looked like the vendors came from a distressed area, the goods were so dated and old and smelled of mold. I suspect some people make a living of keeping throw-aways and selling them.

But my aunt with the help of Viv’s keen eye for jewelry took home a bracelet made of a pink semi-precious stone for my niece for a couple of bucks.

365 Project: Day 137

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4 Responses to Garage sale

  1. lolaWi says:

    it’s fun to browse around when the weather is nice. we had our block garage sale last month but the weather did not cooperate. it was cold and damp.


  2. One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure. It’s good to recycle, to treasure stuff for its design, its material or the pleasure it gives, irrespective of whether new, second hand or antique.


  3. bebs1 says:

    I agree with you. But some are totally dated. There was a set of plates there which was nice except the design was black floral and of course it is called “Nocturne”.


  4. bebs1 says:

    Maybe next time we’d try the North Shore or an estate sale. Although don’t hold your breath on that. Someone had an estate sale in my subdivision before but it was only slightly better than here.


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