A nation built by immigrants

My boss was a first generation immigrant, here congratulating his son who graduated from medicine

My boss was a first generation immigrant, here congratulating his son who graduated from medicine

This country is home to so many immigrants from different countries. People who left their motherland in search of more opportunities and better future. We all worked hard to realize our dreams.

I believe success was more difficult to come by for those who were foreign-born but due to hard work and persistence they succeeded. Many of my relatives worked double-shifts in hospitals just so they can achieve the American dream and in the process provide for a bright future for their children.

My boss told me that when he came here he has to go back a grade because his English was poor. At the same time, he and his brother worked at their uncle’s store as students.

I have a friend who is now a partner in the firm whose family left Hong Kong after Mainland China took over. They came here on a merchant’s visa. He didn’t have a high school diploma but finding himself without any friends and not understanding English, he decided to go to college. He took the GED to reach his dream.

Some Americans are against immigration even though the history of this country shows it was built on the sweat of those who came ahead of us. Maybe some think we are taking away opportunities for those who were born here but somehow if they look closely, they would find out that their first generation came from another country too.

Together we make this country great by contributing to its progress. Our success shows what a great country this is for the freedom we have to follow our dreams.

We enjoy this freedom at the sacrifice of many Americans. Many gave their lives to protect our democracy. We should not squander it.

We all should learn to accept and live harmoniously together. Let us enjoy and accept our differences after all we came here with the same dreams.

Happy Memorial Day!

365 Project: Day 143

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3 Responses to A nation built by immigrants

  1. America is indeed a nation built on the dreams, sweat and tears of immigrants. I too can not understand that so many are so against and indifferent to new immigrants because other than the original American Indians, everyone else’s ancestors came from other countries. Memorial Day is about remembering why America became great and and who makes it great. It is us migrants who work hard and gave all that continues to make this Nation a land of possibilities and opportunities. May we all remember the many men and women who sacrificed so much for all that we enjoy now.


  2. bebs1 says:

    The world is getting smaller. With globalization a lot of people are exposed to other cultures and countries. There is a lot to learn from each other. We just need to respect our differences.


  3. Yes, there is a campaign agains foreigners and immigrants here too. Mainly by a right wing media who push the views of a small minority until they have almost majority status. Sadly too many people appear to have lost the facility to think, and reason, and remember their own roots, and in an effort to apportion blame for overspending and recession, root around for easy targets. Common sense, empathy and compassion get ditched somewhere along the way.


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