The Graduates

My two nieces graduated from junior high Friday. A mini triumph but for them am sure, it was one big major hurdle. They must have a blast sharing friends and experiences together.

Now high school is coming. The girls will be going to different high schools. An opportunity for each girl to shine without competing with a cousin or being in the shadow of whoever is better. New set of friends, new challenges. It is time to develop their own individuality and personality.

Actually more hard work but the best years are still to come. I consider and am sure many people consider high school the most enjoyable and memorable.

Am proud to say that these are great kid academically and socially very well-adjusted. Am pretty sure whatever they dream to be will come true. As their valedictorian quoted Pope John Paul II in his speech – “The future is not tomorrow, it is today.”

Such great words of wisdom.

Two of the photos were taken from Frida’s Facebook.

365 Project: Day 142

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