Garmin’s revenge

DSC_0119Without fail, whenever my GPS gets detached from my windshield, its satellite brain gets muddled and it would send me driving to some out of the way direction.

Just like yesterday. It came crashing down while I was driving and even though it originally asked me to exit at Wilmington (never heard of it before), it told me to turn right. Well, am always open to driving in the country but this one just deviated from what I remember the first time I went to Kankakee. I saw signs all over that we were in the Kankakee River State Park and we were getting deeper in the woods.

Kankakee River

Kankakee River

Common sense took over me and I decided to reprogram it. So instead of having turned right, this time it led me to the other side of the highway. Seeing the open field on one side and the river on the other, gave me some assurance that it will eventually lead us to our destination. I was with my friend and Auntie Remy so I felt it was better driving in the country than the boring Highway 55.

Endless farmlands, beautiful farmhouses. Some old and has seen better times, some pretty new. Illinois is flat up to the end of the horizon but I got excited when I saw it was dotted with some old barns. Good thing we had a couple of hours before the event we were attending and the GPS tells your ETA so I had plenty of time to kill.

I drove in unpaved roads, unmarked even to take photos of barns. Getting lost was my least concern but what if we get stuck in the mud. That would have made a great story why we could not attend the celebration we were going to. I should remind myself the next time I get a vehicle, it should be an old battered Land Rover or a baby truck, more fitted to country driving.

I enjoy this kind of drives and am glad my aunt was very happy we didn’t take the boring expressway.

In another unexpected turn of events, I got profiled in Kankakee.

And yes, Garmin was well after the dinner party. On the way home it led us to the highway; it was getting dark so I had no interest left to sightsee. It managed to send me driving the long way but that was partly my fault.



I’ve only seen these quilt designs before that adorn some barns around the Amish country in Shipshewana, Indiana during the Quilt Garden Tour.


My entry to Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Unexpected. Go here to see the rules and more photos.

365 Project: Day 159

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6 Responses to Garmin’s revenge

  1. lolaWi says:

    lovely captures of the unexpected, B! love the barns!!!


  2. bebs1 says:

    Thanks! There were several I missed. I really want to explore the Kankakee River. I heard most of it is shallow. They have several picnic areas but I know it is quite far for you.


  3. lolaWi says:

    Come to mallard lake!


  4. bebs1 says:

    I love Mallard Lake and I wish we have something like that around here. But I want a different view and a different experience. I enjoy going to state and national parks. Like KOA camping.


  5. arlene says:

    Lovely pics Lou 🙂


  6. bebs1 says:

    Oh thank you Arlene. I love rural settings.


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