Extra Special Day at the Daley Plaza on June 12th

DSC_0106The Dailypost’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Extra, Extra. Go here.

We had a company outing on Thursday so I brought my camera with me. In the past, the Farmers’ Market at the Daley Center Plaza has given me plenty of photo opportunities so on my lunch break I decided to take a walk with my camera and get some fresh air.

As I entered the Plaza, it dawned on me that June 12th is the commemoration of Philippines’ independence from Spain (June 12, 1898). It is a national holiday in the Philippines but Filipinos outside the country, specifically in Chicago, celebrate it with a presentation of our culture at the Daley Plaza – some singing and folk dancing. I certainly have forgotten about it because when I got there they were already packing up. I should have been there an hour earlier.

A trip to the Daley Plaza meant to see only the beginning of the Farmers’ Market suddenly acquired extra importance as it reminded me of the deep significance of the day for Filipinos and Filipino-American citizens.

Here are some snapshots of that day.

365 Project: Day 164

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6 Responses to Extra Special Day at the Daley Plaza on June 12th

  1. bebs1 says:

    It was really a nice day! Thank you for dropping by.


  2. Bipasha says:

    I lived in Manila for a couple of years, and at first look I thought the picture is from there…it holds a special place in my heart too 🙂


  3. bebs1 says:

    Oh that’s interesting! I hope you had wonderful memories of our country. It is not perfect and I know there’s a lot of better places in the world, but the people are very friendly and happy. Thanks for dropping by Bipasha.


  4. seeker says:

    Belated Independence Day!


  5. Amy says:

    It must be a big celebration, sorry you missed it.


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