The Chocolate Garden

We got to Coloma, Michigan, an hour ahead of our friends so we had time to check out the The Chocolate Garden. I thought of how many of my friends love chocolates. I like them, especially a great dark chocolate truffle, but my friends can be true chocolate aficionados.

The store is a testament that if you have a great product it does not matter where you are, people will find you. The Chocolate Garden is set in the middle of nowhere. They have a stand alone store in Coloma, a small town in Michigan. Businesses there are fruit orchards but it is also in the Wine Trail.

It is strange to see a novelty shop, especially for chocolates amidst peach or other fruit orchards Coloma is known for. But when we were there, they were very busy. Me and my friends enjoyed their chocolate tasting. I particularly was very happy with my choices. Darkest dark chocolate, salt and pepper caramel, and citrus-ginger truffles.

Truly divine!

365 Project: Day 182

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2 Responses to The Chocolate Garden

  1. lolaWi says:

    I enjoyed the chocolate garden! And yes, their chocolates are divine!


  2. bebs1 says:

    I am reserving what I bought to my sister but that is if I don’t get tempted. LOL


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