What lurks in the garden?

It has been raining a lot this summer so the weeds and mushrooms are sprouting everywhere.

Last week I was intrigued by a strange looking mushroom in the garden. It has an elongated bulbous head and the stem was long. The head was orange and the stem white. It was beautiful, I’ve never seen one like it before.

I thought I’d take a photo of it in the afternoon but by then it was gone.

The next few days, two more appeared. But this time the head was covered with big flies. I took a photo but it gave me heebies jeebies with just looking at it, deleted it pronto.

I mentioned it to my friend and she too got disgusted at the sight of the flies. She asked the lawn people to dig them up. Her story was when they dug deep to fully extricate the fungi, they found tiny eggs which they said were snake eggs. These people works with nature, no reason to doubt them. She immediately asked to put them in a plastic bag and dumped them in the garbage.

This morning I went and checked where they dug but the remnants of the shrunk mushroom was still there. She said they found the same mushroom too by the rose bushes with one snake egg underground but I only noticed that they cleared the mint and wild phlox. I wonder where they dug those eggs.

Having grown in a farm in the tropics, strange living things or objects from the earth do not deter me but I abhor slithering animals. I enjoy clearing gardens of weeds, now it gives me pause if I should go there and pull them. I don’t want to have a brush with a snake of any size.

That gives me the creeps.

365 Project: Day 188

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8 Responses to What lurks in the garden?

  1. Sue Slaght says:

    Snake eggs? That definitely gives me the creeps. I’m not much on gardening to start with and that would definitely deter me from digging about. 🙂


  2. Amy says:

    Snake eggs?!! Sounds like you are having a rainy summer…


  3. bebs1 says:

    I agree Sue. Maybe when I go down there I should be dressed in full armor. LOL


  4. bebs1 says:

    Yes, we are having a rainy summer. It is raining right now which is good for me as I have been carrying buckets of water from the kitchen to the garden when a pipe broke. At least I don’t have to do that for a couple of days. I am really praying they were not real snake eggs. Yiiiikes!


  5. Vivien says:

    they found the eggs in the area by the red roses and the phlox, and another by the tomatoes and the dill, will get fungicide to kill those buggers, gives me the creeps too, I will pour vinegar with dawn on the soil. hopefully, that should take care of it. ewweeeeee. first time, this happened in the garden all these years! Wil said that there are snakes too around the Naperville area, what is this, “snake season?” lol


  6. Vivien says:

    the pic of the flower, is that the blue rose of Sharon? am surprised, we got now the white, pink, blue and darker pink …they are all so pretty!


  7. bebs1 says:

    Viv, that is the clematis in the front porch. I think you need lessons in gardening. LOL


  8. bebs1 says:

    Were the eggs underground? Otherwise if they are just on the ground, they could be bird eggs considering there’s a lot of birds around.


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