Still afraid

This would have been a great day for weeding. It rained early in the morning and in the evening so the ground is very wet. The weeds are all over, the creeping charlie and dandelions are supersized. But am still afraid to go there especially that I don’t know what kind of snake is out there in the garden.

My cousin pointed out to me that Naperville has been invaded by snakes this season. See link here. All that rain and their natural habitat has been replaced by heavy construction of subdivisions. The past Winter has been very bad too so they say the critters are all out of their hibernation looking for food.

It is the same thing with hummingbirds. I bought a feeder for them and hang it by the red rose vines but no luck. None ever visited and I have not replaced the nectar solution from the first time.

I have a habit of getting close and touching my plants – but what if there’s a snake staring back at me by the peonies? LolaWi gave me this scenario yesterday that the snake might come back and be looking for its eggs. Then what?

Well they certainly won't look this friendly, don't you think?

Well they certainly won’t look this friendly, don’t you think?

Cartoon from

365 Project: Day 190

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15 Responses to Still afraid

  1. Amy says:

    Not being able to get close and touch plants must be difficult for you…


  2. bebs1 says:

    It is. Was very tempted this morning. I was peeking through my tomato as the fruit is getting bigger. Great thing I have vegetables on pots, I feel safe with those. LOL


  3. Amy says:

    Wear long boots may be helpful if you have to get to the garden.

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  4. Scary, What kind of snakes are these?


  5. Sue Slaght says:

    Snakes?!! Good grief I would have a fit. Are they poisonous?


  6. Be careful there, Lou… sad to think about how urbanization can cause nature to get back at us this way but that’s the way life goes. Have a great week ahead!


  7. Vivien says:

    it freaked me out when the lawn guys discovered the eggs, about 5 of them, so I told them dig them out deep, we filled two plastic bags of dirt, and the mushrooms that attracted all those nasty flies. always wear gloves when I pull out the weeds, am making my weed killer formula today, vinegar, Epsom salts, down dishwashing liquid, water..combine all, spray the weeds, hopefull all of them will be kaput in the morning!


  8. bebs1 says:

    I said I will wear gloves, long sleeves, pants and closed shoes from now on. Or maybe I should make a lot of noise first before I approach so they have time to leave.


  9. bebs1 says:

    The news said garter snakes are fairly common around here but when I researched, garter snakes don’t lay eggs, they are a few that bears young. It would be better if they are garter snakes because they are harmless. In fact, the kids in my first home used to pick up garter snakes from the creek behind our houses and play with them.


  10. bebs1 says:

    The problem is we don’t know. But definitely not garter snakes.


  11. bebs1 says:

    Thanks Dinna. So true. They have no place to go.


  12. Sue Slaght says:

    Yikes. Be careful out there!


  13. bebs1 says:

    I think I found the answer to the mystery. The eggs are not from any snake but from the stinkhorn mushrooms. Read here:

    Oh what a relief.


  14. megtraveling says:

    I don’t blame you for being cautious – it’s been an unusual year!


  15. lolaWi says:

    The fact that you don’t know what kind makes it more scary. Be careful out there!


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