Elegant stinkhorns

stinkhornNo, there are no snakes in the garden. What we have are stinkhorn mushrooms or to be specific Mutinus elegans. And would you believe they say they are edible?

But who would want to put them in their dish when you could smell them before you see them? No wonder the flies were flocking over them because they are covered with mucus and the flies unknowingly spreads their spores.

The ones we thought were snake eggs were nothing of that sort, they are the eggs of the mushrooms.

It is such a relief to know that we don’t have any unwanted critters or reptiles in the yard. Our imagination, and not just us, friends and family members’ went wild. And we were going to blame their presence from our neighbors with unkempt yards. Good thing we kept it to ourselves or we would have created some enemies and unfriendly stares from next door.

stinkhorn eggs

stinkhorn eggs

All images taken from the internet.

The stinkhorn comes in different colors and shapes. But I guess if they stink they must call them stinkhorns. I was never that close to them though to smell but it is repulsive seeing them covered with flies.

They said they are commonly found under thick mulch because their role is to decompose dead matters and under ideal condition, like too much moisture, they grow. The moisture only lasts a day though. I guess after all the mucus has been consumed by the flies, they wither and die until the eggs produce more fruits or mushrooms.


365 Project: Day 191

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4 Responses to Elegant stinkhorns

  1. Vivien says:

    It sure is a big relief that there are no snakes of any kind in the garden, but just the same, I hate those mushrooms for inviting the flies, I just pulled 4 of them and found 2 eggs and dug them up and put them in a plastic bag to the garbage bin. Edible??? even so, no way, after all the flies all over it, ewweeeee…


  2. bebs1 says:

    Only the eggs are said to be edible. LOL But it says it does not have any flavor, it actually gets the taste from the spices you add to them.


  3. I’m certain I wouldn’t want to eat those. Ugh!


  4. bebs1 says:

    Me either.


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