Finding love in Virginia


Before my niece got married to someone from Virginia, that state was never in my radar of places to see. I most likely asked the question, “What’s in Virginia?”

DSC_0328We’ve only been here for three days now, well actually this is going to be my fourth, and we are falling in love with the state. From the plane as we got ready to land, I could see the many water tributaries in Norfolk. I get excited seeing so many bodies of water – rivers and lakes, the Atlantic. I love coastal towns and cities.

My research online does not do the state justice. We went yesterday to the boardwalk in Virginia Beach and it is fun and exciting. Very touristy but they had several bands playing in different areas of the strip and they are free! The main strip is occupied by hotels and motels and stores selling cheap souvenirs. The restaurants are a mix of national chains like iHop and upscale ones like Catch 31.

There is something for everyone, whatever type of person you are.

We also went to see the Nauticus but we got there with only an hour to spare so we saw only the free exhibits. But if you are a navy buff, give yourself a couple of hours because they close at 5 pm everyday.

When I saw myrtle flowers, I know their weather is milder than Chicago.  I love that they have so many trees – pines which I have not seen in the Midwest, straight shooting up to the sky so their woody areas are less dense than what I see in Illinois.

There are still many places to explore and am loving it.


365 Project: Day 221

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17 Responses to Finding love in Virginia

  1. Nice spin on the title of this post. Glad you found ‘love’ exploring Virginia!


  2. Vivien says:

    Wow, I love the beach, I could be soaking myself in there (with the heat and humidity here,,yikes), the water looks so refreshing!


  3. bebs1 says:

    Thanks Charu. It is a pleasant surprise. One can’t really judge a book with just seeing the cover, one has to go through it.


  4. bebs1 says:

    Even though the surf was rough, even kids feel they could go closer to the water because it is shallow.


  5. I love Virginia, but then I live here.


  6. Amy says:

    These are great photos of the beach! I have never been Virginia.


  7. bebs1 says:

    Am not surprised that you love it here. It is so beautiful!


  8. bebs1 says:

    My first time too Amy. So far, we’ve only seen Norfolk and Chesapeake and they are both lovely. The beach and seafoods here are great!


  9. Amy says:

    Love it, love seafoods! I’m coming…. 🙂


  10. I live in the Shenandoah Valley, it is quite beautiful.


  11. bebs1 says:

    We are actually going to Shenandoah National Parks tomorrow to see Luray and the Park. Any suggestion for a hotel to stay around there?


  12. I’m not familiar with the hotels in Luray. There is a pricey one called The Mimslyn but my Northern Virginia friends stay at the Best Western there. If you have a chance you should check out Art Warehouse Gallery


  13. bebs1 says:

    Thanks for the tip. I would love to see it if we get a chance.


  14. restlessjo says:

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. It looks a beautiful place, Bebs. My friend, Cathy (Nomad interrupted) lives there. Thanks for reminding me to check her out 🙂


  15. lolaWi says:

    how far are you from virginia beach? a cousin of mine lives there.


  16. bebs1 says:

    This is a lovely state, especially the ones in the coastline Jo.


  17. bebs1 says:

    We are 30 minutes away – not very far. In fact that’s where we go for grocery because they used to live there and they are more familiar. Jollibee and Red Ribbon are both located in Virginia Beach.


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