Crab mentality

Am not going to speak about Filipino mentality here which is but a fallacy anyway and degrading for us as a race. What I want to talk about is Virginia’s crab culture against ours who are from outside the state.

My family loves crabs. For a year I have been telling my niece I’d come to Virginia only during the crab season. Chesapeake is known for their seafood and I want to enjoy that. So not in Spring or in the Fall and good thing I read that their crab season ends in October so I picked this month, instead of Winter.

Before they picked me up at the airport, my niece’s husband, Jun, went to buy crabs at G Mart. We had that for lunch and sure enough we finished one whole big pot of crustaceans (we had shrimps too) in one sitting.

At the party, their friends were saying at the dock they bought freshly caught butterfish and one of their friends bought blue crabs for a dollar a pound. So we went to check it out.

There were no boats docking when we got there but there were fresh crabs ready for shipping. DSC_0371 bushel of Class A male crabs was priced at $150 plus $20 for steaming with crab spice mix, excluding tax. The smaller ones (Class B) was about $135/bushel and the female crabs classified as C was even cheaper. The Filipino fishmonger there said the female crabs were of lower quality.
The other night I heard they prefer the male crabs too because the shell is softer, easier to crack. In Chicago all they sell are female crabs and the shells I noticed are really hard. Filipinos from Chicago prefer the female ones for their hard fat because they are tasty but they are high in cholesterol. There is no choice anyway because they only sell female crabs. Lately I no longer look for that as they fat females are very compact. The ones without the hard yellow fat are much easier to eat and moister.

We bought a bushel of Class A crabs. I figured if we want to eat as much crabs we want that’s cheaper than going to an “eat all you can seafood” that charges $50 a pop or buying retail at $30/dozen. We also added a box of Chesapeake oysters to go with our feast.

A crateful of crabs though is good for probably a dozen people and that’s a lot for each person. We saved three quarters of it in the fridge and we removed the big claws to save space. I used a nutcracker to crack the shells and they were really thinner and easier to break as they said. We took the meat from the claws to be cooked later in another dish.

These are the things you learn when you travel. I thought it was strange and different but it makes sense actually. Before we are not happy to buy light weight crabs, now it certainly won’t make a big difference for me as long as it is meaty.

465 Project: Day 222

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  2. bebs1 says:

    Instead of having dinner at Jollibee we all preferred to eat left over crabs.


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