Leaving Virginia

It’s been 10 days and what a beautiful visit it has been.

They say “Virginia is for lovers”, it must be true. Although the people I’ve only met are families and friends of my niece’s husband, they are a wonderful and hospitable group. So warm and sincere. Having been a blogger for a long time, that’s how you feel when you finally meet in person someone who you constantly communicate with in the net but I haven’t had any kind of communication with any of them before this and yet I feel like that I’ve known them for a while.

We are grateful that our niece has married a very good person, we are as proud and grateful as her parents would be.


Virginia is home to a big Filipino population. No wonder there’s so many establishments that cater to their tastes of home. Am jealous that they have two Filipino food franchises in Norfolk so it is no surprise that I bought some for stocking at home.

Halo-halo @ Jollibee, a favorite summer refresher

Halo-halo @ Jollibee, a favorite summer refresher

And there is a lot to do in Virginia. I wish I have more time to enjoy their beaches and mountain trails. The seafood is just as phenomenal – freshly caught.

We were blessed to have a temperate weather in the 10 days we are here and although the garden I only visited was Monticello, I love that they have so many forested areas.

Virginia is steeped in history being one of the first English colonies. We visited Jamestown and Yorktown to familiarize ourselves of its past. It is also home to four past presidents and one of them is Monticello.

Aside from its beautiful shorelines, the sights from the mountains is just as breathtaking. The Luray Caverns, privately owned, is a must-see.

I truly enjoyed Virginia and I can’t wait to come and experience it on another season – perhaps Fall. Am sure there’s a lot more to see.


365 Project: Day 230

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2 Responses to Leaving Virginia

  1. lolaWi says:

    glad you had a wonderful vacation with family, B! thanks for your inspiring blogs. adding this to my bucket list 🙂 its a bonus that i have family too in virginia beach.


  2. bebs1 says:

    Go call your family in Virginia Beach. It is pretty out there. The trees they have are so majestic, just awesome. They got the sea, the mountains, lots of water.


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