Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

One day in Norfolk, we went to the Oceania Naval Base where they have on display decommissioned/retired naval aircrafts on display. Some were very old and some more recent and the one that caught my attention was the F-14 Tomcat. I often heard and read it in the news but until that day, I only knew it as powerful fighter jet but no idea what it looked like.


For someone who can’t add two and two together, I remember saying that I wish I was smart enough to have qualified to fly this fighter jet. I wonder how the pilots felt flying this machine to defend our country. Am sure they must have a heightened sense of adventure, it could not be for the faint-hearted.

My entry to this Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure.

365 Project: Day 232

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5 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

  1. Amy says:

    The mechanics, engineering,… of the aircrafts are just amazing!


  2. bebs1 says:

    Can you imagine the information you have to coordinate in such a small space? You have to be precise and on target – it really would be an adventure each time you get in its cockpit.


  3. lolaWi says:

    and thrill, too! there’s no mediocrity. it’s either you love and passionate about flying or none at all!


  4. bebs1 says:

    I know, there’s no middle ground. You’ve got to have superior skills and intelligence. And the magic word, passion!


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