Susan Constant – Endurance

A replica at Jamestown

A replica at Jamestown

He tolde me of three barques on route to the New Worlde, thouse whose names are, as he tolde me thereon, be consysted of “Godspeed”, “Discoverie” or “Discovery”, and one whose name splyte twice, I think ´was “Sarah Constant”.- presumably written by Sir Walter Raleigh

To have endured the long voyage from England to Jamestown and back, Sarah Constant is an excellent example of endurance. It made its maiden voyage to the New World in 1606-1607 and it was last seen in 1615 as a merchant ship.

At the museum we were shown movies re-enacting the dangerous crossing the first settlers endured. The ship was too small for 71 colonists and it was a big test to endure living in close quarters. There were stormy seas and the prospect of being killed by native settlers in the islands where they made stops.


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4 Responses to Susan Constant – Endurance

  1. restlessjo says:

    You had to really want to go, didn’t you, Bebs, to endure all that? 🙂 Lovely old boats.


  2. bebs1 says:

    Yes, the promise of a new adventure, new world and maybe a few coins of gold which meant a lot then.

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  3. The folk who sailed long distances across oceans on these ships certainly had guts …though many of them also had little choice.


  4. bebs1 says:

    Some of them probably had no choice, life was difficult and the New World was the promised land. It must be a difficult travel especially their navigational skills were sorely lacking.


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