Hog wild over the breakfast menu

DSC_0902The things you do for your friends.

I have four friends at work whom I’ve been going out with for lunch, particularly on our birthdays. We’ve been doing it for many many years so when they suddenly decide to go to this restaurant which they found has a branch downtown, I had to go with them.

Being busy would not have been a good reason as all our bosses were out in Orlando for their annual partners’ meeting. Even when I told them it is six blocks away was not enough to deter them because they wanted to go yesterday. I offered we take a cab but in the end they persuaded me to walk the six blocks instead which for me felt like six miles.

My quota for walking a day consists of my trip from my train station to work and back so I don’t take lightly any extra exercise. That is already 7 blocks one way so now you know why. Yes, I am one of those who hate walking on concrete.

Anyway when we got to Wildberry Cafe there was a 15 minute wait. I’ve heard of the long waits in their restaurants in the ‘burbs but the bosses being out, we could afford to dine in. One suggested we could take out but there was no way I would do that when I walked that far.

I’ve never seen my friends so thrilled over pancake. I’ve never heard them gush over breakfast food – pumpkin pancakes – for lunch. They already knew what to order, without looking at the menu.

Me as the first-timer felt pressured to make up my mind right away. I already studied the menu online and was determined to get something savory and healthy but seeing they are all having the same pancake I thought, why not. I could eat breakfast food for lunch.

I’ve been searching for a real Belgian waffle since I last visited Belgium with my mom. That was like 8 years ago.

My first bite didn’t impress me so I poured maple syrup but it only got worst. It became too sweet and no, I didn’t find what I was looking for. What I got was American waffle. If it was pancake it would have been extra good, with caramelized apples and candied pecans but I was hoping for a true Belgian waffle so it was a great disappointment for me.

Maybe next time, I will stick with the lunch menu.

365 Project: Day 256

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