Travel Theme: Interior


This is my entry to Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack challenge for the week: Interior.

There is a lot to be awed about inside the Luray Caverns in Virginia. But my favorite is “Dream Lake”. It is covered with 2-feet of water. It is very calm and has a glasslike effect. So the picture is the perfect image of the ceiling of the cave.


Can you see it?

This is the third cave I’ve visited in the US but this definitely is a must see. Truly nature’s wonder!

365 Project: Day 262

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8 Responses to Travel Theme: Interior

  1. bebs1 says:

    Thank you mihrank! Have a great week ahead.


  2. Amy says:

    Great choice, Bebs! These are remarkable captures. It’s very challenging to take photos in the cave.


  3. lolaWi says:

    beautiful! i’d love to experience this; must be awesome!


  4. That’s some cave. Great photos too.


  5. bebs1 says:

    Thank you Dorothy. Am glad I went because I always thought, you’ve seen one – you’ve seen them all. But Luray is really amazing!


  6. bebs1 says:

    The moment I entered I never stopped pressing the shutter of my camera. It is hard to describe how beautiful it is inside.


  7. bebs1 says:

    It is. Some parts are dark but generally it is well-illuminated.


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