Monarch butterflies


It was a pleasant surprise to know that monarch butterflies spend some time at Pacific Grove. I saw a sign about butterfly exhibit in the Museum of Natural History but I was not that interested until a visit at the Tourism Information Office informed me that if I get lucky I might see the monarchs at their sanctuary. It was a warm sunny day when I went but I already had a different agenda for the day.

But one afternoon when Katherine and I went out for a walk, she drove me to the sanctuary. At first it was very disappointing as they were high up in the Monterey pines and they looked like dried twigs. I had to max the zoom in my lens to actually see them and then by 3:00 pm when it warmed up they started to come alive. One has to visit the park when the temperature is warm as the monarchs fold part of their wings when it is chilly and damp.

Although they over-winter in Pacific Grove around October to March, these monarchs will eventually migrate to warmer places like Mexico and Canada. It is said that in a year, the monarch goes through four generations. Read the link above.


Pacific Grove is considered Butterfly Town USA. It is charming to see butterfly artwork on the light posts and as adornments in their homes. Those little Victorian homes looked all dressed up with tiny butterflies at the front.

The butterflies are well protected in Pacific Grove. In October the schoolchildren joins a parade to honor the monarchs’ homecoming. There were children dressed up as butterflies too during the town’s Christmas parade.


At one time I thought I needed to go to Mexico to see the monarch clusters, Pacific Grove is much closer.

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4 Responses to Monarch butterflies

  1. Sue Slaght says:

    Imagine how many are actually on that branch! Wow!


  2. Amy says:

    How lucky and exciting to see these many on the branch! Wonderful capture!


  3. bebs1 says:

    They said in the past years there were more of them. I saw only two branches filled with them but they were really high up because they want the heat from the sun. Otherwise their bodyclock stops at certain temperature, I think like 47 deg. F. (not exactly sure of the figure).

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  4. bebs1 says:

    Amy, I wish they were closer. They were so far up. Maybe it is for their protection also otherwise every camera toting visitor would be bothering them.


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