5 Day B/W: Day 3


This afternoon, after a very busy morning of mass and brunch at Simply Beautiful‘s home, my friend and I found ourselves at Oberweiss for ice cream. Well we did walk off that extra calories we gained by walking around at a store before we decided to have a scoop each of mango and pomegranate sherbet.

The scene between the boy and his grandparents immediately caught my attention. The boy was intense as he tried to outmaneuver his grandfather. The old man was very patient as he explained each time why he made a move, showing the intricacies of the game as the young man was all ears. What a special moment it was for them.

Am a sucker for Norman Rockwell scenes because who doesn’t long for a wholesome family picture nowadays when many families are fragmented. Besides this scene reminds me of my relationship with my grandparents – I was my paternal grandparents’ brat.

This is my third day in the B/W Challenge from Simply Beautiful. I would like to invite Arlene of Dreams and Escapes.

I believe I met Arlene through a mutual blogger friend from another platform – Multiply. I have since lost that friend as she altogether quit blogging I believe but I gained Arlene in her place. Arlene is a very spiritual person and a survivor. She seems to be the best person to lean on when you are down as she is always so positive in her outlook. She is a grandmother to a little boy named Nate, who’s the apple of her eyes.

The rules are simple:

1. Post a black and white photo for five days

2. Invite 5 friends (one each day) to do the same

Let’s welcome Arlene.

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9 Responses to 5 Day B/W: Day 3

  1. arlene says:

    Oh my, I wish I could meet the challenge Lou, thanks for considering me but I don’t have black and white photos to post here. My other camera which I usually use for such is long retired…hehehe! Thanks too for the blog link. It may take a while, if I can find something at my Photobucket albums.


  2. Amy says:

    I love this photo. It shows the wonderful relationship between the grandpa and young boy. Great capture! 🙂


  3. lolaWi says:

    love the photo! so sharp and the boy and his grandpa’s relationship is beautifully captured as well!
    thanks for coming Sunday! it was fun! 🙂


  4. bebs1 says:

    Thanks for inviting us and for the delicious brunch! We were so full we had to stop by Oberweiss to cleanse our palate, you know what I mean. Looking forward to enjoying some of the goodies this Friday.


  5. bebs1 says:

    Thank you Amy. I cropped the photo because I took it from a distance and it was a stolen shot. I didn’t want to ask permission because then they would be so conscious and it won’t look as natural.

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  6. bebs1 says:

    I normally don’t take b/w photos. All I do now is post process them. That is the convenience of digital.


  7. arlene says:

    Will do that one of these days. Will look into my albums and choose photos good as b & w.


  8. Amy says:

    You did a wonderful cropping. The expression of the boy is priceless. 🙂


  9. bebs1 says:

    Thank you Amy.


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