Weekly Photo Challenge: Harley-Davidson Walls


Here’s a wall at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are all photos of H-D riders or members of the Hog Club or Harley Owners Group.

Every Harley owners must drive to where it came from, it is like a Harley bikers’ Meccah. Unfortunately we ran out of time or we could have sent my nephew to join plant tour. He was elated and surprised to find out that Harley is manufactured in Wisconsin, now the plant tour is something he’s looking forward in their next visit.


Do you know that you can customize your Harley bike? There is one for every personality. You can pick the design, the color, you name it, they will make it for you.

This is my entry to the DailyPost Photo Challenge for the Week: Wall.

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16 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Harley-Davidson Walls

  1. Wow, that is a lot of members’ pics on the wall. Wonder if my buddy, George, who is a Harley aficionado is there??? lol I would love to see this museum…


  2. Sue Slaght says:

    Well I learned something new today that’s for sure. Love those walls!


  3. yprior1 says:

    my sister would LOVE this – wow – cool entry for the wpc 🙂 and I did not know about the custom options – but I did know that this company rocks!


  4. Amy says:

    Amazing! This is very new to me. Customize your Harley bike, incredible!


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  6. Levysoro says:

    My boss will like this photo… she owns a Harley-Davidson!


  7. lolaWi says:

    love the walls!


  8. megtraveling says:

    Great wall for this theme – the colors are really pretty!


  9. bebs1 says:

    Thank you Meg!


  10. bebs1 says:

    Thank you LolaWi!


  11. bebs1 says:

    Oh your boss must be some cool lady. I’d love a Harley if I could afford. Maybe she’s been there herself.


  12. bebs1 says:

    Am sure if you want it customized it comes with a heftier price tag too. They are not cheap anyway.

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  13. bebs1 says:

    Everybody loves a Harley, it is US made, truly American made. Yes, you can customize it, in fact at the museum they have an interactive monitor where you can pick your color, design, etc.


  14. bebs1 says:

    Thank you Sue! All Harleys of course.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. bebs1 says:

    Am sure that is only a portion Viv. Can you imagine how many people gets a Harley? And they seem to be keepers.


  16. Levysoro says:

    I wiil ask her… For sure she’s very cool!


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