A magna and 15 lamb chops

Today my cousin celebrated her college graduation at a Brazilian restaurant. She graduated magna cum laude and I was there along with 20 of her family and friends.

Now I could say I’ve tried most of the churrascaria in Chicago, except for one – Brazzaz and I agree with the consensus that Chama Gaucha is the best. No wonder there was a huge crowd waiting for a seat by the time we left which was early at 6:30 in the evening.

A Brazilian steak house is like the best among the buffets. If you have a big appetite and carnivorous there is no better place to satisfy your taste for great meat than here. Here‘s a lesson on how to eat in a churrascaria. We are lucky in Chicago that we have several to choose from. They are all good and the price is reasonable considering what they offer.

I really prepared myself for this dinner, eating a little of each meal prior to it but not at the point of starving. My game plan was to eat a tiny amount of appetizer and feast on the lamb chops.

Medium rare. I only had a taste of a few of the steaks. My heart was set on the lamb chops, medium rare. I don’t like my steak or lamb chop well done. While many Filipinos would return their meat when they see blood, I would return mine when it is burnt. At Chama, there is no need for a steak sauce. Their meats are well-seasoned.

Chama Gaucha’s steaks were flavorful, juicy and there’s a kind of meat for everyone. On occasions like this, I ignore the chicken and pork, a little steak to taste and I must have had 15 lamb chops. They were juicy and tender and I could taste the lemon.

One of my uncles said I should try the house specialty but by that time I was way too full. Next time I will surely try it.

Wish you the best in your career Liza! We are all confident you can do everything you set your mind on and excel. We are all proud to be part of your celebration.

Guess where I am.  (Stole this image from my cousin's FB)

Guess where I am. (Stole this image from my cousin’s FB)




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4 Responses to A magna and 15 lamb chops

  1. That looks as if it was a great celebration and a great meal. 15 lamb chops! Wow. They’re expensive here so if we have them it’s one or two each, padded out with lots of vegetables. Hope you enjoyed it all.


  2. bebs1 says:

    Dorothy, that is why I filled myself with just lamb chops. This kind of restaurant would serve you meat of any kind they have until you tell them to stop and for the same price. Lamb chops is my favorite and I agree very expensive so it was my priority. LOL


  3. lolaWi says:

    congratulations to your cousin! wow! that’s a lot of lamb chops 🙂


  4. bebs1 says:

    I ignored almost everything but the lamb chops.


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