God called

Yesterday was Fr. Ervin’s ordination at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rockford, Illinois. I have no doubt he will serve the Lord faithfully and he will be an outstanding servant of God.

It was my first time attending an ordination for a priest in the Roman Catholic Church. I felt it was a great honor to witness it. For me it was a very memorable event, I could just imagine how proud his family must be.

Fr. Ervin graduated Magna Cum Laude at the seminary in Mundelien, University of St. Mary of the Lake. He follows a long line of Filipino priests from the Mundelein Seminary who graduated with very high honors. They certainly worked very hard despite all their circumstances, mainly being separated from their families and for some of them, financial. But they all have some one up there who guides and leads them through their vocation.

The whole ceremony was very touching especially the part when the bishops and the other priests layed their hands on them for prayers and blessings.

Congratulations Fr. Ervin! I will keep you in my prayers that God will guide and protect you always so you can better serve the Lord and your flock.

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6 Responses to God called

  1. Bouesso says:

    God guides and leaves this priest!


  2. bebs1 says:

    You mean leave like abandon?


  3. viveka says:

    Bebs, even if I’m not a believer as such can I image that this was a very special event. Fantastic gallery from the event – that you share with us with you great sense of humor. Like the photo of the legs and fancy sandals. Really great capture of the event.


  4. bebs1 says:

    It was very special especially for me. I love the pageantry of it all but best of all it was very touching and moving experience.

    The legs are my friend’s. LOL


  5. lolaWi says:

    am glad you and auntie came. it is truly humbling to witness such event. fr ervin undoubtedly will be a very good priest. we continue to pray for him.


  6. bebs1 says:

    He is so holy and saintly in his demeanor and in all ways, I have no doubt that he’s followed his calling.


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