Mrs. Levy’s it was not

DSC_0190It was one of those weekends when my sisters were feeling lazy to cook. Marilou said we should try Manny’s, a diner in the outskirts of downtown Chicago.

Ever since Mrs. Levy’s of the Levy’s Entertain You restaurants closed their doors at Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), I’ve been missing corned beef piled high on rye. She said the reviews were good and you know me, I rely a lot on those online reviews.

Set in an industrial area west of downtown, they have a good size parking at the back, even a free valet if you want but most people park themselves.

It is a traditional diner but service is cafeteria style. Not been to a diner for a long time. There was a line when we got there and I think we got frazzled to make up our minds fast and to order only what we had in mind that we didn’t realize until we sat down that our corned beef was very plain. A pound of thinly shaved meat but part of dining is aesthetics. It came with a palm-size potato pancake which you pay for – 99 cents.

Food servers, all no-nonsense male, were fast. They have the determination of meat butchers. They carve the meat right there so you know what you’re getting is very fresh. Cashiers were very nice and helpful and you are free to find your own table.

I couldn’t complain about the size of our sandwiches – they were huge that we each ate only half of our sandwiches but I wish we ordered them under their specialty so we could have had them as complete like a reuben. The beef was tender but I still miss the finisse of being served at Mrs. Levy’s Delicatessen.

Prices are reasonable if you consider a sandwich with a pound of meat is $16 excluding drinks and sides and choices in the menu is plenty! But bear in mind it is a no frills dining.

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2 Responses to Mrs. Levy’s it was not

  1. lolaWi says:

    that’s a pile of corned beef! yummm!


  2. bebs1 says:

    Isn’t it? Once in a while I crave deli corned beef but not the one you buy at the grocery store but this could have been better with the proper dressing. It was still good though.

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