Randolph Tavern



June 18th was Lynn’s birthday and to celebrate we decided to go to lunch today being the last day of work prior to the 4-day July 4th weekend. Work was slower and we were hoping we could stretch our 30-minute lunch hour.

DSC_0233Since it is a celebration I wanted to try some place new and special. The restaurant she had in mind was booked solid until past 1:00 pm so we decided to go to the Randolph Tavern. It is only a couple of blocks away from our office and I think this was the first for both of us there.  It caters mostly to the business crowd at lunch and theatre-goers at dinner.

Right across the street is the Cadillac Theatre and a block is The Goodman.  At the corner of Randolph and Wells, the “L” tracks is right outside the building.

DSC_0235It was a busy place. There were photos of celebrities and vintage prints everywhere. I like the touch of well-upholstered sofas in strategic locations – it adds a homey touch and color.  There were several high tables and bar chairs, no booths which I am not fond of.



We were seated right away and our wait staff was attentive even though the place was packed. Lynn decided on ahi tuna burger while I had a Thai salad.

DSC_0238If I have to rate it with five being excellent, it would be a three. My salad was on the dry side and they used chopped cabbage so it was like eating a dry coleslaw and the peanut dressing was a tad bitter. Burnt peanut maybe? There’s a place we used to go where I could get a Thai salad at a fraction of the cost and better. For me the place was a disappointment.

DSC_0236Lynn wasn’t too excited about her sandwich either. It is a shame that I picked the place.

And it wasn’t really cheap. It is rated $$$$.  Lynn deserved a better lunch.


Maybe we should have gone when we could order beer so that the food would be secondary but we didn’t. It wasn’t a bad place but there are better places around.









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