Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Burgundy or maroon


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Not my favorite colors. My university color, remembering wearing maroon bloomers (ha ha ha am aging myself) as our physical education uniform in gymnastic which meant we needed to do tumbling. Nothing complicated. Even then my weight pushed me down and I couldn’t tumble. Am sure my instructor just gave me a passing grade just so he won’t see me again, either that or he realized the skill would not make or break us in the future.

It was also my firm’s color for many years. Imagine having large wreaths every Christmas adorned in burgundy ribbon. It was a relief when they changed it to yellow.

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The Daily Post Challenge: Creepy

San Juan de Bautista Mission Church old cemetery

San Juan de Bautista Mission Church old cemetery

Nothing creeps me more than a cemetery, whether old or new, in ground or whatever. Death is not a favorite subject matter for me.


Above is the National Geologic Park in Montana as a result of an earthquake in 1959. What happened was truly nightmarish for those who experienced it. In all 28 people died. Read the story here. I have passed this park twice in my life and it always gave me that creepy feeling. Imagine the earth underneath the lake moving and the mountains breaking. It was hellish they said.

My entry to the Daily Post Challenge: Creepy. See more entries here.

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Travel Theme: Grey

Ghost town

Ghost town

This is how Chicago’s financial district looks like on a weekend. Devoid of office workers, with just tourists determined to cover all the must-sees in the city, cramped in their weekend schedule.

My entry to Ailssa’s Travel Challenge: Grey.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cream to light brown


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Above is another shot of Rocky – our Volo hosts’ golden retriever. He was very active but calm. Such a lovable dog. He actually has a friend who was a perfect lap dog and very affectionate, rambunctious but didn’t bark at us, constantly moving I couldn’t take a photo of her.

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Hot summer day in Volo

Where is Volo? When I posted the barn my friends in FB asked, “Where is Volo”?

According to Wikipedia, Volo is a tiny village in Lake County, Illinois. It is only 4 square miles, of which 98% is land and the rest is water. That probably accounts to Volo Lake where we went to last Sunday.

Volo Lake

Volo Lake

Out of the blue on Saturday night I got a message from my friend Ginger asking my plans for Sunday. All I had was church so she asked if I’d be interested to go fishing.

I was excited not because of fishing at 91 deg.F but to take a short trip to a place I’ve not been to before. Besides a couple of weeks before, I saw an old car on exhibit at the Lake Forest oasis to entice people to visit Volo where they have a vintage car museum and antique mall. Well neither interests me, but who knows what I could find to photograph there.

We took Golf Road all the way to Volo.

Lunch at Fratello's their version of Portillos

Lunch at Fratello’s their version of Portillos

Not very country but more of a rural area trying to embrace progress. It is a fast changing community of new developments – new subdivisions, malls, and cornfields struggling to co-exist. Unfortunately it won’t be long before these farms would yield to new modern towns.

The road to the camp site

The road to the camp site

Ginger’s daughter has a vacation home in a trailer camp.

Ginger's daughter and grand-daughter

Ginger’s daughter and grand-daughter

Never been to one before and to my surprise, the houses looked so charming! The homes are trailer size but they have extended sun rooms in a good size lot and it was in a rolling hill with old trees with a lake beyond. They also have a community pool nearby. It is a gated community so it’s not open to the public.

“I want one!” I exclaimed. I’ve been looking at tiny homes for a vacation home when I retire. Away from the city, small enough to turn the air conditioning on without hurting the pocket. The trailer is compact, it has cathedral ceiling in the tiny living room and plenty of sleeping space in the mezzanine beside the master bedroom with a wall-wall closet in the main floor. Entertaining with a crowd of friends can all be done in the large screened-in porch. A tiny deck holds a whirlpool tub for 2. They got all the essentials in a big house in the city fitted in a very tiny space and yet it looked spacious rather than cramped. Nothing wasted.
The retirees who live there most of the year (it is open only from April-October) have beautiful flower gardens. Less time required for housekeeping, more time for fun! What’s not to like?

Here’s life!

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Daily WordPress Challenge: Beneath your feet


Not the loveliest bare feet but when you are at the shore of a body of water like an ocean, you can’t help but kick off your shoes and enjoy the water. Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach.


At Carmel. There’s something that draws me to that quaint little town that one day, while my friend was at work, I decided to take the bus and spent a lovely day there. The alternative was to stay home and read. I was glad to summon my adventurous spirit and took the plunge of exploring by public transportation.

In the end I met and talked with some lovely people and discovered that kindness in humanity still exists. I found that out while waiting for my return bus to Monterey. I needed a dime for my fare. The bus required exact change. An old man was seated next to me in the shed. We were engaged in small talks when he saw me counting my change and upon knowing my predicament, he gave me the dime. A dime could mean a lot when that is all you need to secure a ride. And he looked like he hardly had more than that but kind eyes and yet he didn’t hesitate to help me.

My entry to Daily Post Challenge for the Week: Beneath your feet

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Peach or apricot


Am not a big fan of roses but while at the grocery store one day, these caught my attention because of their unusual color.

It reminds me of my favorite Oberweis ice cream – mango and pomegranate. I wish I have taken a photo of that too, but unfortunately I always forget things (like taking a photo) the moment I am eating them.

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