Ailssa’s Travel Theme Challenge: Fruit


Viv and I visited her friends’ family garden two weeks ago. We gathered several kinds of Asian vegetables and one of them was bittermelon fruits and tops. Asians particularly like bittermelons and they are prepared in so many ways. Salad, soups, steamed, sauteed – they are very versatile. As the name implies, it is bitter and it’s an acquired taste but they say it is very good for diabetics and other health benefits. Commercially they now sell tea made from the leaves and those fortunately are not bitter.


Two Sundays ago, we dropped by the Oak Park Conservatory. It is a small building with a stamp-size outdoor garden but filled with surprises. It is a beautiful place to visit with family and it is nice that they also have a bench where you can reflect or just enjoy the beauty of their plant collection. They also have a tiny pond or artificial brook with huge kois and a family of turtles. Among my favorite in the garden is this Ponderosa lemon. Still unripe so they are green but notice the size. Am sure one fruit is enough for a pitcher of lemon juice, don’t you think?

My entry to Ailssa’s Challenge for the Week: Fruit.

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5 Responses to Ailssa’s Travel Theme Challenge: Fruit

  1. restlessjo says:

    I’m so curious now. I might have to hunt down a bitter melon. 🙂


  2. bebs1 says:

    You could easily find them in Asian groceries. Indians and other African countries I believe use them in their dishes too.

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  3. restlessjo says:

    I’ll have a look. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂


  4. arlene says:

    Eto yung pang pakbet dito sa atin di ba Lou?


  5. bebs1 says:

    Yes it is Arlene. In fact in Ilocos, we prefer the shorter ones.


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